Book Review: The Easton Falls Massacre

The Easton Falls Massacre

Confession: I bought this beer mostly to pair with this book. Like I bought it a month ago when I knew I was going to be reading the book and saved the can until just now for this picture. Worth it! 😂

SUMMARY: US Army Veteran Henry Miller embarks on a hunt at the edge of the Black Forest, but strays from the path and finds himself too close to the East Cascade Mountain Range. Something lurks in the forest on the other side of those mountains. An ancient race of Bigfoot that have kept to themselves for centuries, until one of them defies the warnings and roams too far from the safety of their home. When these two intersect, alliances are broken and events set in motion that will leave residents of the town of Easton Falls, Washington, fighting for their lives.

When the rampaging starts it gets violent and intense quick! Very gory, and what felt like a higher death count for just over 100 pages. Unfortunately even in a book that short I still wanted it to happen sooner haha. I enjoyed our protagonist and his little spat with the town jerk, but I wasn’t super invested in the massive emotional turmoil he is going through.

I was surprised in the direction the book took (like why exactly the Bigfoot showed up). Not good or bad, just didn’t expect it. I do wish there had been more about the Bigfeet in general. There’s a whole lore/backstory hinted at and plenty of room is left open for some kind of a sequel or series. I would love that!

Overall the book didn’t hit all the emotional buttons with me, but it reads quick and the second half is especially fun. It has definitely prepped me to want more Bigfoot in my life!

Thanks to authors @hollyraegarcia and @prentice2525 for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review!

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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