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This is a blog about books and the worlds they transport you to (with some of my own musings, writings, and freelance services mixed in). Reading “vicariously” has added immense value to my life, and I love having the opportunity to share my passions and thoughts with others! Read on, and enjoy!

Book Review: Milk Teeth

Equal parts redneck Lovecraft and Rob Zombie. A review of the novella Milk Teeth by Andrew Post.

Book Review: Departures

Weirdness abounds in these surreal stories. A review of the collection Departures by Scott Cole.

Editing Release: Defilement and Other Stories

A book that I edited has recently been released into the wild! Woohoo! Author Jesse Nolan Bailey approached me awhile back to ask if I would be interested in doing developmental edits for a short story collection of his. Jesse writes primarily in dark fantasy (check out his A Disaster of Dokojin series), but he…

Book Review: Immortelle

Haunting prose, woeful ghosts, and grieving mothers. A review of the novella Immortelle by Catherine McCarthy.

5 Star Quick Reviews

A YA novel in verse, a continuation of sci-fi horror greatness, and a fun graphic novel. Quick reviews of recent 5 star reads.


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Reading Vicariously means actively imagining yourself in the world of the book. Immersion is necessity, and each book is a new world to explore and life to live.
Reading Vicariously also means reading with empathy for the characters. It’s about putting yourself in their shoes, even if they’re very different from you.

Ben Long