Cover Reveal – TWISTED: TAINTED TALES by Janine Pipe

Twisted Tainted Tales Janine Pipe
Twisted: Tainted Tales book cover

Due to the popularity of things like Bookstagram, the old adage don’t judge a book by its cover has almost been usurped with oooooh look at that cover, I need that in my life! Branding and design can really sell and there are so many talented people out there. I see a cover created by Cameron Roubique, Justin T Coons or Kealan Patrick Burke and it is more or less insta buy.

For this particular collection, I knew exactly the vibe I wanted. I have written it like an old 80’s mix tape and I wanted a VHS feel to it. Having seen the awesome examples that Neil Fraser (from Neil Fraser Graphics) had put out into the world including his work on the movie Host, I was thrilled he had the time to create something for me. He had already read some of my stuff and understood my voice and style, I asked for a VHS looking cover and an homage to the Fright Night poster and a bit of American Werewolf in London. There is also a nod to my very good friend Cameron Chaney with the jack o’ lanterns.

Tainted: Twisted Tales book cover

SUMMARY: When solicitor Jill is asked to seek out any legal documents before the old, abandoned house is cleared, she doesn’t expect to find a locked desk drawer full of old papers and an 80’s mix tape cassette. Something tells her not to throw them away. What she discovers, transports her into a world of nightmares, ranging from the macabre to the downright chilling. Jill knows she has to share the stories she’s uncovered…

In Twisted: Tainted Tales, Pipe’s unique voice brings to life everything from a Splatterpunk Award-nominated cautionary tale of camping in the Dorset woods to creature features, the supernatural, urban legends, cannibalism and a few other surprises. Mixing flash fiction with short stories, these tales might be tainted and will be twisted.

“Like Grady Hendrix’s demented little sister, Janine Pipe takes us on a splattery pop culture joyride in a bitchin’ Camaro on fire with a congealing pile of human viscera in the back seat. Hang on for the ride, and don’t ask any questions. Just go with it. You’ll have such a gory good time with her.”

Kenzie Jennings, author of Reception and Red Station

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