Shout-Out to Indie Publishers

Best Indie Horror Publishers

I’m behind on my review posts, so I decided instead that I would highlight some of the awesome indie publishers I’ve encountered over the last year.

At this point I could cover my floor in fantastic indie books, but I figured I’d just pick one per publisher to make things easier (to clean up, that is). Unfortunately this doesn’t include all the wonderful authors who are self publishing their work. That shall be saved for another post.

This, to be fair, is certainly not an exhaustive list. However, it is a list of the publishers that I’ve read the most from and find myself recommending most often!

Kandisha Press

Blood Rites Horror

Off Limits Press

Lethe Press

Dark Peninsula Press

Bloodshot Books

Flame Tree Press

Crystal Lake Publishing

Deaths Head Press

Winter Gate Publishing

Raw Dog Screaming Press

Silver Shamrock Publishing

Grinning Skull Press

Grindhouse Press

Thunderstorm Books


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