Group Read – In Nightmares We’re Alone

In Nightmares We're Alone

For the past few months I’ve been in a sort of informal book club (dubbed the Horror Book Buying Maniacs). It’s a wonderful group of people who also happen to love horror books, so we get along quite well. Recently I’ve been wanting to read more from Off Limits Press, and I noticed several other people mentioning they wanted to read In Nightmares We’re Alone by Greg Sisco. And from there a group read was born.

In this post I’m rounding up everyone’s reviews so you get each person’s opinion as well as an overall sense of how the group felt about this collection of novellas. I will start with my own review below, and then I’ll share their posts so you can see what other people had to say!

SUMMARY: Each nightmare is unique. All nightmares are the same. Three interwoven tales of terror form a collage of human suffering as three separate victims are plagued by otherworldly horrors. A young girl finds herself stalked by the hypnotic eyes of her mother’s new doll, a womanizing con artist can no longer contain the plants that sprout from his fingernails, and a bitter old woman is haunted by the cryptic messages on her dead father’s typewriter. Rattling the chains of their separate Hells, these desperate lost souls lash out against the unknown, inadvertently plunging one another deeper into their respective nightmares. 

In Nightmares We’re Alone by @TheGregSisco is out now from @OffLimitsPress.

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