Since I’ve Been Gone

Well, it has been awhile, hasn’t it? I’ve Ben (get it?) gone a Long (haha!) time…and if that doesn’t make sense check my bio.

A lot of time has passed since my last post in August of 2021. Life has been BUSY! On a personal note I had another baby (our third, and final), got a new job as a virtual high school ELA teacher with GA Cyber Academy, and finally started recovery and therapy on two different addictions that have plagued me for far too long.

And while I haven’t updated my site in almost a year…yikes…I have stayed productive with my hobbies and side hustles in the background.

Some of you may know that I read and review books, and I’ve read quite a few that I need to make posts about. I’ll try to update those in the following days. Other things that have happened in the last ten months include:

One of the newest opportunities that I’m super excited about is that I’m now an official book reviewer for SCREAM Magazine!

Content has to be turned in far in advance, so I’ve already written 8 reviews at the time of this post. My first reviews will be appearing in the June issue, set to release sometime this month. I’ll be sharing as soon as I receive my contributor copy!

Oh, and I’m still open for editing gigs. So if you or someone you know has a manuscript that needs editing, please reach out! I have pages for my services, portfolio, and testimonials from past clients.

And that’s about all for now folks. I have other dreams and schemes I’d like to put in the works, but it all depends on available time and resources. At the very least I’ll still be writing, reading, and reviewing. I also hope to post here more regularly.

Until next time…keep reading vicariously!

(Ehhh maybe I’ll keep fishing for tag lines)

As a treat for reading all the way to the end, please enjoy this illustration a student drew for me!

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